choosing a diamond

One of the many exciting moments on your bespoke jewellery adventure is choosing the diamond or diamonds to be the centrepiece of your design.

I shall guide you through this process, discussing what is important to you and the technical aspects of a diamond that fits within your budget.

We shall compare three different grades of diamonds, giving you the opportunity to recognise the actual difference between, for example, a G-VS1, F-SI2 and an E-VVS. Gradings of diamonds are based on the internationally recognised criteria known as the 4Cs. These are: carat, a measure of weight of a diamond; its natural clarity; its colour; and its cut, this last being the 'shape' the diamond cutter has given to each diamond to enhance its natural beauty.

We can view a very short video created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which clearly explains the '4Cs' and their importance to the decision in choosing your diamond.

The next stage is presenting diamonds to be viewed. Each diamond has unique characteristics. We explore these subtleties together.

I source only diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America

The GIA begin certification at .25 carat. All my diamonds come with an official GIA certificate, of which a copy is permanetly hosted on the GIA website for you to view.

diamond (GIA)

Learn more about diamonds and watch the video.