design meetings

The first design meeting is dedicated to discussing your thoughts and expectations regarding your jewellery requirements. I like to discover the personal style of any new client when working on a design, and the most important thing I can do is listen and study what you have to say about your dreams and desires in terms of your piece of jewellery. From here we look through ideas and, if you wish, any images you have brought to show what attracts you. I will make suggestions as we go along to complement your design direction.

A Pinterest board is a great way to express your style.

The second design meeting is where we bring all the various components together: sketches (or models if required), precious metals and gem stones. It is at this point that we get into the fine details of your design concept.

The third design meeting is to view the jewellery piece at the mid way point of creation. At this exciting stage you see your dream coming to life and we fine-tune the proportions and its ultimate finished look as you hold it in your hands.

The final meeting is to take possession of your jewellery.

In between these meetings, or afterwards, we can consult further in person by phone or email if required.

making a ring 1 making a ring 1 making a ring 1 making a ring 1 making a ring 1 the finished ring