When I approached Rick Southwick to enquire about a nonconventional wedding ring, time was not on my side. Rick was brilliant, approachable, responsive and informative to the many inexperienced questions I had regarding jewellery design. A practise ring was developed to give me a practical feel of what a solid wide ring would feel like before I committed to the development of the ring. The outcome was simply a stunningly crafted ring which I wear with total pride—Rick Southwick is a visionary in my mind.
N Benedek, Waterloo

Rick Southwick has produced every piece of jewellery I have had the privilege of receiving ever since I met him. My engagement ring, our wedding bands, an eternity ring. I have been a very lucky woman. Lucky to have had the guidance and expertise of a master craftsman such as Rick to advise on the integrity of the design and investment. He approaches every piece of jewellery with reverence for the elements involved, and the relationship they symbolise.
Sophie B, Bronte

The most important part of working with an artist on a bespoke piece is that you quickly develop a strong artistic connection with them. I remember all those years ago sitting in Rick's studio talking about 'stuff' like art, music and deco. All the while he was sketching. What emerged after more than 2 hours of talk and doodling was my masterpiece. Perfectly matched to my personal style and a big challenge for Rick to make, this is the only piece of jewellery I've ever owned and it is a show piece that even HE loves to show off!
Chad Davies, DJ. Coogee

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I came to Rick to get my engagement ring remodelled as I was not happy with the result that I had received from a well-established jeweller from Castlereagh St, in Sydney. At the time I got my ring made, if you wanted to have an Argyle Pink Diamond, you were limited in the places that you could get it and so I picked the diamond first and then an existing design that this jeweller had on display. What I realised through that process, is that with the bigger jewellers, you don't often meet the person who makes your ring or who did the original design, you liaise with the person at the front of the store. This can result in a number of issues, both of which I experienced. Things would get 'lost in translation' in that what I asked for, had to be relayed to the jeweller in the back via the middle man—not always successfully—but most critically the jeweller obviously had trouble replicating the shop's own design, because it had been a completely different jeweller who had done that original design. This was frustrating for all concerned as a couple of the iterations just didn't look like the original design. To the store's credit that said they would keep altering it until I was happy but after two alterations from their first, I ran out of time as we had an engagement party where my husband was due to present me my ring. My husband knew I wasn't happy with the ring so after about a year, he found Rick after a friend's recommendation and we set to work to get it remodelled. What was critical for me was that I would be working with THE jeweller directly and know that there was no-one else trying to interpret for me or pass on what I wanted to Rick. Throughout the whole process Rick was happy to meet me as much as required to get the design and the ring that I wanted. He really listened to what my ideas were and what I was trying to achieve. Rick's knowledge of diamonds and the metals he works with gave me so much confidence that I was willing to let go of my 'control-freakness' and let him go for it. The result was beyond my expectations with a ring that has more sophistry and beauty that I could have imagined. It also shapes around my finger beautifully and made me realise that the previous version of my ring didn't even fit my finger properly! Since that time, I've continued to have Rick produce other pieces for me, and he has been able to source me excellent pink and white diamonds for these pieces from the diamond partners he works with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rick to anyone.
Kirstie W, Clovelly

I approached Rick with the need for a wedding ring that was both stunning and durable on a short time frame and he delivered all he promised and more. I am now happily married and my wife's wedding ring can withstand the rough outdoor lifestyle when we go base jumping and wingsuit skydiving but in the evenings and at formal occasions it still stands out with simple beauty.
Douggs, World base jumping champion. Switzerland

Thank you Rick, for spending the time to guide me through the entire ring making process from concept to delivery. It was great fun deciding on a design, stone and ring material, and your helpful advice in selecting the perfect ring to match my fiancée's personality was invaluable. Even though I was on the other side of the world and the ring was couriered from Australia to the UK, the process couldn't have been easier. My favourite quote from you during the process was "The ring is now in the care of two very serious men with guns." The only drama I experienced was when the ring made it to the UK, but landed in the middle of last December's terrible weather. All the main airports had to close, the train lines froze and the roads became blocked with snow. The courier company couldn't get the ring from London up to Scotland in time and with just a few days left until Christmas, it was stranded in London. Deviating from my planned proposal wasn't an option! So I made my own way to London through the snow to collect the ring myself. And, after all the uncertainty, on Christmas Eve, I was able to get down on one knee in the snow and propose to Carolyn at our bench—and she gracefully said "Yes"!
Stuart S, Edinburgh, Scotland

We wanted to create a wedding band and we came to Rick on a recommendation. We had never dealt directly with a jeweller so didn't know what to expect. What we got was two things. First, the ability to participate in the creation of an exquisite (and unique) item of jewellery. Second, we got an ongoing relationship (over 5 years so far) with an artist who loves his work and genuinely enjoys guiding us through the design, development and refinement stages. In that time we have commissioned a number of pieces of jewellery—and there will no doubt be many more!
Tim K

Over the last five years Rick Southwick has shared in many of our memorable moments, by working with our design ideas and visions to create exquisite and unique pieces of jewellery which we are proud to show off and have as a reminder of these special occasions. During the consultation process it was always a highlight to visit him in his workspace where we got a behind the scenes glimpse of the little piece of art in the making. We look forward to working with Rick again in the future to create our next milestone masterpiece which always has a defining Rick touch.
Jade M, Balmain

I recently commissioned an opal and rhodonite pendant from Rick Southwick. It was needed at very short notice but Rick was able to fit in enough consultation time for me to feel quite confident that he understood what I wanted. He delivered perfectly! The end result is quite unique, very artistic and of the highest imaginable workmanship. It has been much admired and is usually a conversation-starter when I wear it. I can very happily recommend Rick as a first-rate jeweller who can produce an heirloom piece, which in my case, was based on iconic styling but is obviously a new and exciting creation.
Pat W, Beecroft

I have known Rick Southwick and Zed Jewellery for over 6 years. In that time I have had the pleasure of sitting beside him at his bench as a student (studying Jewellery and Object Design at the Design Centre Enmore), as well as utilising his amazing skills as a jeweller from a client's perspective. As a student of the trade I have an appreciation for good craftsmanship and technical skill that is perhaps beyond most regular clients experience. Rick has an eye for detail and a complex technical knowledge that comes from years of experience and a passion for his craft. He is able to take a piece from concept to completion, something that a lot of modern jewellers cannot. His finishes are meticulous and he selects top quality suppliers and materials to ensure that his work is high-end and beautiful.
Tamahra P

For someone who has her own very distinct sense of my own style and design, Rick was the perfect person! He listened, designed and put some of his own design sense into my ring. Both my husband and I enjoyed the process immensely. I now treasure my ring.
Linda Z

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you how spectacularly happy we are with the jewellery you have crafted for us, saying thank you is simply not enough. We came to you with a few key ideas we had in mind, and with your personal touch, and amazing experience you brought our ideas to life and turned them into the most beautiful jewellery we have seen, that holds so much symbolism and meaning. We love and treasure our rings and we love your passion, mastery, and attention to detail. With our sincere thanks.
Mark and Chrysoula C

Rick's knowledge of traditional jewellery making techniques, acquired while he trained in London, equips him with the eye and skills that set a jeweller like Rick apart from the craftsman. He is an artist. I have been thrilled with the final product as he has worked with me from concept, to design, then to execution.
Janet M, Epping

Rick Southwick has over the last few years made several pieces for me which were to be given as gifts to my daughters. Needless to say these pieces were extremely well made, unique in design and construction and made with great care and attention to detail. The pieces were stunning and the presents were well received and are worn with great pride. Rick combines with great skill the use of various different metals (palladium, platinum, white gold in my case) and crafts fabulous and unique pieces designed to show the jewel off at its best. If one is looking for a piece whether it be bespoke, or couture it would be difficult to find a designer to better Rick. I was most impressed and just love his work.
Lindsay S