Rick Southwick

Wherever he looks, Rick Southwick sees evocative forms that serve as inspiration for his exquisite handmade designs. Be they man-made structures or wonders of the natural world, they can find expression through Rick's talents, which have evolved over many years and incorporate a myriad of styles and aesthetics.

Having trained in Sydney, where he worked for 10 years, Rick returned to his native England at the age of 28. Under the tutelage of one of London's most revered master jewellers, Rick honed his skills, bringing back with him a wealth of knowledge and techniques, enabling him to replicate the craftsmanship of any era, but with his own unique stamp.

"I utilise techniques such as scroll work, reminiscent of art nouveau and art deco, but incorporate that into contemporary jewellery, which I believe marries very well" he says.

It is not only these impressive forms that send Rick to his drawing board. His love of a range of metals and gems has allowed him to develop contrasting styles, giving Rick a variety of defining elements which save his jewellery from being too neatly classified.

"There is not one specific look that I aim for" he says. "I like blending aesthetics to produce something completely individual".

It is this individuality that attracts people to Rick Southwick. Essentially Rick's design inspiration comes from his clients and their vision of the perfect piece of jewellery. Rick will give advice and suggest various options for them to consider, however he does not override their concerns, but works with them to produce exactly what their hearts desire.

As he says, "They have to love their jewellery forever. I want every piece of rick southwick jewellery to be loved until the very end".

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